Richard Pew

Enrolled Agent

About Mr. Pew

Mr. Pew is a federally licensed tax practitioner and an enrolled agent with the IRS. He has a remarkable ability to relate to the average persons needs and sensibilities and has a wonderful sense of humor. This unique blend of tax knowledge and real world understanding endears him to tax clients and helps them get through their tax problems with hope for a better tomorrow.

When he is not battling with the IRS, Mr. Pew enjoys spending time with his family and has his hands especially full with the addition of a set of twins to his family.

What is an “Enrolled Agent?”

An enrolled agent is the only “federally licensed” tax practitioner who has a complete specialty for taxation, both in understanding all of the different laws, and being able to help others with any tax issues or problems that may arise. Since enrolled agents are federally licensed tax practitioners, they are completely able to represent any type of tax payer to the IRS, whether the tax payer be an individual, a business or a corporation.

To break the title “enrolled agent” down, enrolled literally means that the agent is federally licensed to practice tax services, and the term “agent” means that the agent is allowed to represent the tax payer who has hired the agent before the IRS. This particular profession began in 1884, and enrolled agents have been practicing tax services ever since. Before the enrolled agent can begin practicing tax services legally, they must obtain a federal license to practice. This federally certified license can be earned through one of two ways, both of which require experience and extensive research into tax code. The first way that a license can be earned is by passing an exam that goes over each and every aspect of the tax code for the area that the enrolled agent is working in. This exam is not necessary, however, if the enrolled agent has been working at the IRS for at least five years as an employee who dealt with tax code application on a regular basis. If the enrolled agent has been an IRS tax employee for at least five years, the license can be applied for without the need for an examination.

H&H Tax Relief

Before creating H&H Tax Relief, Mr. Pew honed his skills by successfully assisting hundreds of clients with their various tax needs. Because of his diligent efforts, Mr. Pew has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for his clients. After diligently working to become a federally licensed enrolled agent with the IRS, Mr. Pew started his own firm which is now H&H Tax Relief. By having complete control over the process, Mr. Pew is able to assure that each of his clients receive the time and attention that their individual cases merit.

Why hire an Enrolled Agent?

Most individuals or businesses that hire an enrolled agent hire the agent for tax relief or tax resolution purposes. Since the enrolled agent has passed an examination or had five or more years of experiencing working as a tax employee for the IRS, the enrolled agent is completely knowledgeable about any and all tax issues or problems that could potentially arise.

Many people find themselves struggling with taxes, whether the struggle be with back taxes that are still owed by the individual, or whether the entire tax process is simply to large for the individual to completely understand without hours of extensive research.

An enrolled agent is available to anyone that needs tax help in order to find some sort of tax relief or tax resolution. By hiring an enrolled agent, the amount that is owed can be compromised on, and the entire process of paying taxes will not land you in jail. In fact, by agreeing on payment installments, the tax paying process is made much more manageable for the taxpayer. If you are having difficulties with tax relief, an enrolled agent is the perfect option to take care of your taxes.