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Audit Representation

Receiving that letter stating that you have been chosen for an audit can be a very anxious and nervous moment, no matter your preparation, financial/tax experience and tax planning. You may have many worries that you don’t know the answers to or may want some explanation and assistance during this process. Typically there are three types of audits:

1) Correspondence Audit – you receive a letter from the IRS stating that either you failed to report income that was reported to the IRS, i.e. a Form W-2, or 1099, or you claimed a deduction and they want proof, this is the most typical and can generally be resolved by either filing an amended return or proving the documentation with appropriate substantiation;
2) Office Audit – you receive a letter from the IRS to schedule a meeting with you at a local IRS Office, they will request that you bring a list of documents to support items on tax returns, generally the letter will be specific of what to bring;
3) Field Audit – you receive a letter from the IRS whereby the IRS agent will want to meet with you at your place of business, generally these audits are performed on businesses, however if you have reported self employment income on a Schedule C then you may a Field Audit of your home, especially if you have claimed the home office deduction, they will want you to prove this.

The essential thing is to be prepared. H&H Tax Relief has represented clients in all of the above mentioned audits. Having a qualified tax professional to represent you in an audit could save you a lot of stress. Qualified tax professionals understand the tax law and procedures and will make sure the client’s best interests are protected and that the client’s rights are protected. As the saying goes …”a person who represents themselves has an idiot for a client.”